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Call us old fashioned. The description fits perfectly from the breakfast we serve to the rooms to our elegantly designed and crafted lavender goods.

Lemora is my mother’s name. She was born in 1921 and even then Lemora was considered an old fashioned name.

At our organic M-Bar Farm we grow both Augustafolia (English Lavender) and Intermedia (French Lavender). Learn about our lavender and M-Bar Farm.

Essential oils and additional lavender buds are locally sourced from Hood River Lavender.

Dream Pillows – $22

hotel moments sachetSweet dreams are sure to be your gentle companion. Fragrant and soothing lavender scent escapes from the pillow as your head warms the buds and moves in sleep.

Simply place the pillow inside your pillowcase. To release more lavender aroma squeeze the Dream Pillow.  Each petal on a lavender bud has a tiny amount of oil that is released when squeezed.

Each of our rooms has a Dream Pillow sample for you to try. Sweet Dreams.


Drawer Sachets – $10

Delicate and light Lavender floral scent in these Drawer Sachets are perfect to tuck here and there in lingerie drawers, in between towels, inside shoes or in the closet.


Dream Pillow and Drawer Sachet Set – $30

Lavender Body Powder – $22

Delicate and light Lemora’s Lavender Body Powder is an extravagant essential element in dressing for the day.  Lavender buds are ground finely to mix with fine French clay, silky arrowroot and a bit of baking soda for a luxurious feel. Ingredients: Arrowroot, French White Clay, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hood River Lavender buds and essential oil.

Housed in a glass dish large enough to hold a lovely Merino wool handmade puff made from Imperial Ranch Columbia Sheep Wool, Hood River Alpaca Wool, Hand dyed by LavenderSheep.

Beautiful, exquisite and terribly old fashioned.

Bath Salts – $10

The world’s first Day Spa was set up on the shores of the Dead Sea by Cleopatra, the “woman who time could not wither”.

Organic lavender buds are pulverized and blended with Dead Sea Salt harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is highest. Ingredients: Dead Sea Salts, Organic Hood River Lavender essential oil and flowers.

Sprinkle ½ cup of Lemora’s Lavender Bath Salts while filling a tub of hot bath water.  Settle in and relax.

Lavender S & S Scrub – $6

Delight your senses and naturally hydrate dry skin while removing dead skin cells.  Cleanse hands or remove dry areas from feet and elbows.  

All Organic ingredients: Sugar, Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Hood River Lavender essential oil and flowers.