Women of the House

Meet the Women of the House

meet the women of the houseThe women of the house in 2014 are from all over the United States—Texas, Kentucky, Washington, California, Minnesota and even Hood River, Oregon.  Some have traveled far and wide while others have been born and raised here.

These capable women have varied life experiences as nurses, non-profit executives, hotel managers, technology support staff, resort banquet services, movie set designers, mothers and social workers.  A desire to live and work in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge has brought these women together.  And, in this house, they have become a cohesive team working side by side to deliver the best possible service for our lodging guests, tenants, property owners, corporate housing tenants, and real estate clients.

Together we work hard while having fun and paying homage to the women who have lived in this house as early settlers in Hood River.

The hotel has been the home of many brave early women who settled on Oak Street; bringing their dreams of life in the west in the early 1900’s to present. Stay & Enjoy the rich history of our cherished home while experiencing the true hospitality provided by the women of the house today!