small actions BIG DIFFERENCES

Continually scrutinizing every area of our operations, we find small actions make a big difference minimizing our impact on the earth while simultaneously providing our guests with quality service.



  • Kitchen – minimal use of paper cups, plastic bottles
  • Laundry – high efficiency gas commercial hot water heater & dryer
  • Timer controlled outdoor lighting
  • 75% of light bulbs are florescent except for specialty bulbs
  • Plastic bag use has decreased over 50% by composting
  • Use cloth bags when shopping for food
  • Reuse the occasional plastic bag that comes through our door
  • Recycle bins – housekeepers separate paper, glass, plastics, metal and cardboard for local garbage pickup
  • Thermostats set at 72 degrees
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Re-use open toiletry products by donating partial bottles to WINGS program (link)
  • Recycle all plastic packaging from toiletries and donate proceeds to FISH food bank (link)


  • Food sourced from local farmers and hotel owner’s farm
  • Recycling bins
  • Gas stove
  • Efficient energy saving appliances
  • Compost bin – food and coffee grounds waste


  • Cloth napkins
  • China plates and cups
  • Non-disposable glasses and silverware


  • Smart sprinkler system on a timer
  • Low water usage due to plant density
  • Permeable paver patio for water drainage
  • Organic gardens and landscape
  • Herbs to use in recipes and refreshing waters


  • Local farmers for produce
  • Local environmentally conscious businesses



  • Lights are turned off in empty rooms
  • Fluorescent lights in most fixtures
  • Low flow shower heads
  • Low flow toilets
  • Individual heating and cooling units
  • Room refrigerators turned off when not in use
  • Operable double paned windows for fresh air
  • Information on safe drinking water from faucet in room to encourage refilling water bottles
  • Glasses are provided in rooms


  • Encourage guests to hang and reuse towels
  • For guests with us multiple nights change linens and towels every three days unless requested
  • Housekeeping has training and policy in place


  • Specially formulated, locally produced and packaged
  • Refillable shower dispensers for bath gel, shampoo, conditioner to reduce plastic containers


  • Organic farm growing large garden, hay and garlic
  • Large compost area for year around supply
  • Cows, pigs and chickens eat waste
  • Large garden supplying vegetables and fruits for hotel breakfast
  • Chickens supply eggs for hotel breakfast
  • Chickens rotate in chicken tractor to fresh organic pasture
  • Animals fed organic feed
  • Organic garlic used in hotel recipes

Vacation Homes

  • Recycling program with garbage sorted and brought to Oak Street Hotel to decrease waste and littering
  • All linens washed at the Oak Street Hotel for maximum efficiency
  • Green cleaning products used