Culinary Lavender

Enjoy the Taste of Lemora’s Culinary Lavender

lemora_lavender_finalLemora’s Culinary Lavender enhances the flavor spectrum in many of the baked goods at the Oak Street Hotel. With a light hand, flowers or essence are added to bring the herbal notes in a dish to the realm of spectacular.

culinary lavendar tea

  • Delectable scones with bits of lavender served with blueberry lavender compote
  • Lavender Lemon Cake with a light glaze dusted with Lavender blossoms
  • Honey Lavender Panna Cotta – a rich cream dish alone or paired with blueberries
  • Lavender Lemonade – sometimes served with cookies in the afternoon to sip on the porch
  • Earl Grey and Lavender Tea – our special blend
  • Fruit pies with Lavender – blueberry, blackberry and peach
  • Lavender Water – filtered water with a hint of lavender is available upon request
  • Lavender Salt – is available upon request to enhance your morning meal