Brown Bag Breakfast

Enjoy  Brown Bag Breakfast Any Time of the Day

Leaving before our delicious Farm-To-Table Breakfast is served? Let us know at check-in that you need a Brown Bag Breakfast to go and we will make sure your morning is off to a great start.

our brown bag breakfastTell us what you would like:

    • Pastry
    • Fresh fruit
    • Hard boiled egg
    • Yogurt parfait

Your breakfast will be packaged in a brown bag with napkins.  To go cups are at the tea service station.  Hot water will be ready three minutes after turning on the pot.

Your Brown Bag Breakfast will be packaged to take to your room the night before you leave. If we happen to miss you then your name will be on the bag at the front desk for you to pick up as you go out our door to new places.

Safe Travels!