We are happy to announce that the hotel is now once again serving everyone’s favorite breakfast. Our new chef will be preparing a fresh breakfast each morning. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Expect to be Delighted by Our Farm Fresh Breakfast!

Guests enjoying our farm fresh breakfast before going to a wedding

Guests enjoying our farm fresh breakfast before going to a wedding

We want to make sure that no one leaves the hotel
hungry. That’s why every morning we offer a delicious
breakfast using only the freshest northwest ingredients
prepared by our in house chef.

Breakfast might be a quiche with side of yogurt and
berries and a freshly baked scone. There are so many
possibilities available with the bounty of fresh produce
we have available to us in this region.

Our farm provides seasonal items to use in our breakfast
selections such as berries, fruit, vegetables, flowers and

Fresh fruit is locally sourced in the Gorge. Apples,
apricots, cherries, nectarines, pears, peaches and plums
are provided directly from the farmers who grow
them. We use organic fruit when possible.
Food items such as meat, milk, butter and spices are
from outside sources. Whenever possible, these
products are from the Pacific Northwest.

This breakfast can be enjoyed in our cozy living room, on
our patio or courtyard. We also have a small conference
room for people who want to meet other travelers or are
traveling with larger groups.

Every effort is made to accommodate any dietary