The One That Got Away

The hand blown glass salmon reminds you of the beautiful one last fall that took the fly and swam lightning fast down river.

Ahh you tried to set the hook well, ready to fight the beauty with finesse. Alas, the song of the centuries rose over the water leading the salmon away to spawn, completing its life cycle.

Relive the crisp fall day when maples turn golden and air smells like damp earth getting ready for winter winds.

Set out the tray. Scatter the burlap bag of polished stones across the copper and imagine sunlight reflecting through the water on the rocks.

Place the hand tied fly to rest on the stones. A reminder the skill of tying the fly is all part of the joy of fishing. Arrange the montage in your own creative way.
Sit back. Open the Columbia Gorge wine and remember time on the river.

This memorable gift box holds. . .

  • A beautiful hand blown glass salmon, signed and numbered for the Fall Run 2004.
  • A burlap bag of polished rocks ready to catch the sunlight.
  • One colorful hand tied fly to rest on the rocks.
  • All ready to rest on a tray.
  • Your choice of Columbia Gorge Wine from Erin Glenn Vineyards. . .
    Tantrum Red Wine might reflect your emotions when the one got away or
    Erin Glenn 2003 Pinot Noir is soothing to the soul.
  • A gift card with the story of the One That Got Away

Gift boxed. Ready for shipping...$350.00.
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